Uniting worlds to drive digital innovation

Inspired by the supercontinent Pangea, we fuse innovation, experiences and security to boost everything from startups to large companies in the digital age.

We believe in technology as a transformative force, applied with creativity to open paths to growth, regardless of the size of the business. With Pangea, every interaction is a window to new opportunities.

At Pangea Holdings we are your allies on the digital journey, connecting your business with advanced solutions and strategic consulting. Our portfolio ranges from cybersecurity, digital development and neurosales, providing the necessary support to expand your horizons.

Pangea Holdings Team


Breaking barriers to transform your business.


Tailoring our expertise to your unique needs.


Robust protection for your digital peace of mind and that of your clients.


Strategies that connect, convert and build loyalty.

Why choose Pangea Holdings?

Choose Pangea Holdings for a partnership that goes beyond conventional technology solutions. Let us be the catalyst for your digital success and business growth.

Contact us today to explore how our digital solutions and consulting services can take your business to new heights.

Proven experience

Pangea Holdings brings years of experience in providing cutting-edge digital solutions and strategic consulting services.

Transparent communication

Communication is key. We believe in transparent and open communication throughout the project life cycle.

Innovation at every step

We believe in pushing boundaries and pioneering solutions that redefine industry standards.

Flexible and scalable solutions

Our solutions are designed to adapt and scale with the changing needs of your business.

People are the key to success

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Abigail Esquivel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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Emilio Bogantes

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Co-CEO
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Guillermo Murillo

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Let us be the catalyst for your success

Partner with us for a transformative journey into the digital future.

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